1972 Olympic Poster - Hans Hartung

1972 Olympic Poster - Hans Hartung

Hans Hartung was a German-French painter known for his abstract, often monochromatic, paintings featuring long, layered brushstrokes. Born in Leipzig in 1904, he moved to Paris in the late 1920's to study art. He fought in the French Foreign Legion during the war and became a French citizen. His abstract paintings were influential among young American artists of the sixties. He died in Antibes in 1989.

'The graphic imagery of the 1972 Games is well regarded. Posters were high on the agenda for the Olympic Committee and planning was underway as early as 1967 to produce an art series using the best artists of the day. Otl Aicher oversaw the design and the project ran to five series, each made up of seven posters. Three grades of poster were produced. The majority of the surviving posters are from the unlimited edition and printed on poster paper.'

Margaret Timmers is the author of a highly recommended book - A Century of Olympic Posters.

Munich Olympics Art Series

First series, issued in 1969, unlimited edition

Hans Hartung (1904-1989)

64 x 101cm


Good condition

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